About Me

My name is Canan Topaloglu. My family is from Artvin, Hopa  on the east part of The Black Sea. I have been living in Aldeboarn Nederlands, after after spending some years Ankara, New York, Istanbul and North Cyprus.

I graduated from Ankara, Gazi  Education Institute, Graphic Department. Later in my life I followed classes at The Art Students League of New York, and Chinese Calligraphy at China Town,NYC USA

Most part of my life I have been busy with drawing, painting and photography. My passion is specially related to paper art and prints.
My recent work is much focus on the theme of shadows, in my acrylic work,  photography and prints.On this web side, you can find some of my
recent work.
I  hope you will be inspired by my art.
mail me: canantopaloglu@gmail.com
follow me:https://www.instagram.com/canantopaloglu.art/

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