About me

I am a simple woman, love paper. I am a paper lover…………….
My family is from Artvin, Hopa  on the east part of The Black Sea. I have been living in Friesland, Holland since APR.2018 and partially in Cyprus,  after spending some years Istanbul, Ankara, New York
I graduated from Ankara, Gazi University, Education Faculty, Graphic Department. Later in my life I followed classes at The Art Students Leaque of New York, and Chinese Calligraphy at China Town, Manhattan New York City.
Most part of my life I have been busy with drawing, painting and photography. My passion is specially related to paper art.
My recent work is much focus on the theme of shadows: in my acrylic work,  photography,  oil painting and even my collage .
In my 17th century studio at the Buyuk Valide Han, in the center of old Istanbul.
On this web side, you can find some of my recent work.
I  hope you will be inspired by my art.

Donation to Museums:
Cyprus, Modern Art Museum, NEU, Nicosia, Cyprus
2 lino print collage May .2019 each size are 100×70 cm

Recent International Group Exhibition:
The 10th Triennial Papier 2020-Musee de Charmey, Switzerland jun.2020-feb.2021
Amsterdam North NDSM Fuse Gallery sep 2019
Shanghai Paper Art Biennial,  China, sep.2019
IAPMA, Paper Biannual, Sophia, Bulgaria, May 2018
IAPMA Touring Exhibition , Famagusta, Cyprus Nov.2018
kksdcyprus members exhibition Nicosia, Cyprus Oct.2018
::birgrupinsan:: members exhibition TSKM, Istanbul Dec.2018
Solo Exhibition:
Galerie Mildam, Heerenveen,Holland. Aug-Oct.2020
Morkaftan Art Galery, Istanbul Jun 2016

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Merhaba
    Birden aklıma geldi ve web sayfana uğradım.Harika eserler vücuda getirmişsin. Eline sağlık.İlham perin Richard’a selamlar.
    Özgeçmişte şöyle bir sehven yapılmış yüzyıl hatası var:
    “Nisan 1818”
    Selam ve sevgiler.
    Mustafa Ertaç Şişmanoğlu

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